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Cool Rapid Casting China images

Verify out these rapid casting china photos:

Annular Eclipse more than the Pacific Ocean
rapid casting china
Image by NASA Earth Observatory
To download the complete resolution and other files go to: earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id=78024&ampsrc=…

On May 20, 2012, sky watchers from eastern Eurasia to western North America saw a fiery ring around the Moon as it passed amongst the Sun and the Earth. Recognized as an annular eclipse, the occasion blocked sunlight across a swath of Earth up to 300 kilometers (185 miles) wide, and the effects had been most dramatic across the northern Pacific Ocean.

As individuals on the ground looked up at the sky and saw a ring, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) looked down and saw the Moon’s shadow racing eastward more than Earth’s surface. The MODIS instrument on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this all-natural-colour image of the shadow on the Pacific Ocean at roughly 11:30 a.m. neighborhood time on Could 21 (23:30 Universal Time on May possibly 20).

Where the Moon passed in front of the Sun, Earth’s surface appeared black (left half of image). Around the margins of the shadow, our planet’s surface appeared yellowish brown. The shadow cast by an eclipse consists of two components, the totally shadowed umbra and the partially shadowed penumbra.

The annular eclipse started in southern China at 22:06 UTC on Could 20. It then passed more than the southern coast of Japan, and swept more than the Pacific Ocean south of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. The eclipse completed more than Oregon and California around 01:30 UTC on May 21, obtaining crossed the international date line. The eclipse reached its maximum duration of 5 minutes 46 seconds more than the Pacific Ocean.

In the course of this eclipse, the Moon’s apparent diameter was 94 % of the Sun’s, showing viewers on the ground a vibrant ring of light. Regardless of whether they could see the complete eclipse or just a partial eclipse, millions of individuals turned out to see the show and several posted their images online.

NASA image by Jeff Schmaltz, LANCE MODIS Speedy Response. Caption by Michon Scott.

The Earth Observatory’s mission is to share with the public the photos, stories, and discoveries about climate and the atmosphere that emerge from NASA analysis, including its satellite missions, in-the-field research, and climate models.

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Cool China Nylon Sheet images

Check out these china nylon sheet images:

Image from page 790 of “The Ladies’ home journal” (1889)
china nylon sheet
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: ladieshomejourna65janwyet
Title: The Ladies’ home journal
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: Wyeth, N. C. (Newell Convers), 1882-1945
Subjects: Women’s periodicals Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive
Publisher: Philadelphia : [s.n.]
Contributing Library: Internet Archive
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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Text Appearing Before Image:
and fun to cook it! I thought, as I sniffed the Saturday baking,how many women could adapt some of theworking-wife-kitchen ideas. A handy mancould always build racks to hold kitchenutensils on the wall. Knife racks of variouskinds can be bought inexpensively. An eatingcounter could be made of old lumber, andwhy not use a pair of secondhand pianostools for chairs? The window sill in mostkitchens would stand widening, and thereyou have a place for telephone, radio, booksand files. The magazine rack and bulletinboard could be homemade in a short time. Breakfast equipment can always be finedup in one place, food supplies stored in groupsaccording to use. And the gift of color is any-ones, for paint and brushes are availableeven at a crossroad country store. Curtainsmay be made of inexpensive cotton or dressfabrics or dyed sheeting. A little planning,some help from the man of the house, andthe kitchen is ready for business and the busi-ness girl of today. the end WHY BE UP IN THE AIR ABOUT

Text Appearing After Image:
Smart sheet shoppers know value whenthey see it! Thats why so many womenchoose thomaston sheets! These softyet sturdy sheets are guaranteed towear long, wash well, keep their goodlooks for years. Thats why you save bychoosing thomaston quality ! Ask for thomaston sheets at your favoritestore—a quality for every purse and purpose. ~l$ a£a~A££ IS THE WASHWORD FOR CURTAINS ?ASHAWf & CPns tnvmt SH l/is3 WSlSTANr #™\* UG»r *ts,STANt p^feWJSSf* ! CU»T4.NS hang4M«G»fr THE ORIGINALLASTING FINISH FOR RAYON, NYLON& COTTON MARQUISETTE CURTAINS . es m°quiJe„es . W eo f°yo„ „ s,erfis/, wl. . i or. „ M,»;«s „;„. ,. Oee*pos**mo;sC n8wfcen<«-*eis din. D„„ d ^ **•■»»* ^c^ C C°rnS *• oi(ne„ a or e«ep„- , yed *„„ >**-,*-,. ■to* MOUNT HOPE FINISHING COMPANY NORTH DIGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS LADIES IIOMi: JOURNAL April

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Image from page 791 of “The Ladies’ home journal” (1889)
china nylon sheet
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: ladieshomejourna65janwyet
Title: The Ladies’ home journal
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: Wyeth, N. C. (Newell Convers), 1882-1945
Subjects: Women’s periodicals Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive
Publisher: Philadelphia : [s.n.]
Contributing Library: Internet Archive
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Text Appearing Before Image:
Smart sheet shoppers know value whenthey see it! Thats why so many womenchoose thomaston sheets! These softyet sturdy sheets are guaranteed towear long, wash well, keep their goodlooks for years. Thats why you save bychoosing thomaston quality ! Ask for thomaston sheets at your favoritestore—a quality for every purse and purpose. ~l$ a£a~A££ IS THE WASHWORD FOR CURTAINS ?ASHAWf & CPns tnvmt SH l/is3 WSlSTANr #™\* UG»r *ts,STANt p^feWJSSf* ! CU»T4.NS hang4M«G»fr THE ORIGINALLASTING FINISH FOR RAYON, NYLON& COTTON MARQUISETTE CURTAINS . es m°quiJe„es . W eo f°yo„ „ s,erfis/, wl. . i or. „ M,»;«s „;„. ,. Oee*pos**mo;sC n8wfcen<«-*eis din. D„„ d ^ **•■»»* ^c^ C C°rnS *• oi(ne„ a or e«ep„- , yed *„„ >**-,*-,. ■to* MOUNT HOPE FINISHING COMPANY NORTH DIGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS LADIES IIOMi: JOURNAL April

Text Appearing After Image:
Im th# little M thafc brings quid), safet/, more leisure and beauty to your home

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

That Was the Year That Was – 1974
china nylon sheet
Image by brizzle born and bred
1974 is marked by the Three-Day Week, two General Elections, one change of national government, a state of emergency in Northern Ireland, extensive Provisional Irish Republican Army bombing of the British mainland, several large company collapses and major local government reorganisation.

1974 Inflation continues to spiral out of control around the world reaching 11.3% in the USA and 17.2% in the UK and the global recession deepens. The famous skeleton "Lucy" is discovered in Ethiopia which lived between 3.9 to 3 million years ago. More and more smaller digital based consumer products appear in the shops and the earliest forms of Word Processors appear which resemble a typewriter more than a computer. After the findings of the Watergate Scandal Richard Nixon becomes the first US president forced to resign from office.

Vietnam had begun to recede from the popular consciousness in America in the early ‘70s. It was a reviled war, an embarrassment. Servicemen returning from their term of duty would land in San Diego and disappear into the hinterland rather than go home, finding refuge in drugs, alcohol or wretched anonymity. There were few homecomings, in fact, not many yellow ribbons tied around the old oak tree, the symbol of thanksgiving for sacrifice. This was the war America no longer wanted, and the young men who died latterly for its discredited cause.

IRA bombing campaign on mainland Britain

IRA begins bombing campaign on mainland Britain and bombs The Tower of London on July 17th and the Houses of parliament and pubs in Birmingham.

M62 coach bombing: 12 people were killed when a bomb planted by the Provisional Irish Republican Army exploded on a coach on the M62 motorway in West Yorkshire. Eight of the dead were off-duty British Army soldiers, and two were children. 12 other people were seriously injured.

8 February – The M62 motorway bombing death toll reached 12 with the death in hospital of an 18-year-old soldier who had been seriously injured in the bombing.

4 November – Judith Ward was sentenced to life imprisonment for the M62 coach bombing.

17 June – A bomb exploded at the Houses of Parliament in London, damaging Westminster Hall. The Irish Republican Army claimed responsibility for planting the bomb.

17 July – A bomb planted by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) exploded in the White Tower at the Tower of London, killing one person and injuring 41. Another bomb exploded outside a government building in South London.

5 October – The Guildford pub bombings at The Horse and Groom and The Seven Stars killed five people.

22 October – The Provisional IRA bombed Brooks’s club in London.

28 October – The wife and son of Sports Minister Denis Howell survived a provisional IRA bomb attack on their car.

A provisional IRA bomb exploded at the Kings Arms, Woolwich.

21 November – Birmingham pub bombings: In Birmingham, two pubs were bombed, killing 21 people and injuring many others.

24 November – The Birmingham Six were charged with the Birmingham pub bombings.

IRA Bomb, Bristol 1974

1974 Wednesday December 18th – Bristol was in Christmas mood and the gaily decorated shops in Park Street had been bustling with Christmas shoppers in the final run-up to the holiday. And then, at 7.30 p.m., came the call to Avon and Somerset police headquarters at Bridewell in the city centre. The telephone caller spoke with an Irish accent and said simply: ‘In 20 minutes to half-an-hour a bomb will go off in Park Street’. There were bomb hoaxes a-plenty that year as the mainland bombing campaign got into its stride.

Explosions in provincial cities as well as the capital made police take every warning call seriously. On the Avon and Somerset police patch, officers were even more rigorous after the region’s first taste of terrorism came with a warning following by the blast of a 51b bomb in The Corridor at Bath. That was just eight days before the Bristol phone call. The pattern was the same as at Bath. The caller with an Irish accent. The lack of a code word. The threat was real enough. Within 10 minutes of the alert 50 police officers were on Park Street, searching litter bins, dustbins, shop doorways and piles of wastepaper awaiting collection.

The search began at the bottom of Park Street and was making its way painstakingly up the hill when, at 7.54, there was the deafening roar and shockwaves of a device exploding outside Dixon’s photographic shop further up the road. One man was hurt and taken to hospital. The blast, the biggest bang suffered in the fashionable shopping street since bombs wrecked several shops during the blitzes of World War II, shattered plate glass shopfronts up and down the street.

Within a minute police had resumed their check of dustbins, doorways and other possible bomb hiding places. And then, at 8.03 and without a warning, a second bomb exploded in a dustbin out-side the Kenneth Harris hearing aid shop. The muffled crump of the detonation could be heard two miles away. In Park Street itself the bang was deafening. The second explosion seemed designed to catch police in the mop-up operation. In the event it caught a teenager hurrying to ring his and his girl-friend’s parents to tell them they had not been hurt in the first attack.

He suffered nasty burns and glass cuts. She was saved because he fell across her as shopfronts around them exploded in the shockwave. In just eight minutes Bristol’s premier shopping street had been reduced to a ghastly mockery of a Christmas attraction. Mercifully no one died, although 15 people were injured. The Post’s six-strong team sent to the scene described the aftermath of the terrorist attack: ‘A large facia above Kenneth Harris’s hangs at a crazy angle. The force of the explosion blasted downwards into a cellar buckling a steel beam. ‘The upward force has crumpled brickwork and a major re-building programme will be necessary.

‘Across the road more shops ring to the sound of hammers and crowbars as glass clinging to broken frames is cleared for safety. ‘A merry Christmas banner and silver tinsel, bathed still in an electric spotlight, looks incongruous flapping in the window of Rayner’s Records where the smiling faces of Bob Dylan and Sir John Barbirolli appear on record sleeves—beckoning to the Christmas trade. ‘At the Chapter and Verse bookshop, ironically, James Joyce’s volume Dubliners stands unscathed and draws the eye from Sir John Betjeman portrayed on his dustcover with a stoic grimace.

‘One wonders at the forces of science that in moments of explosion can cause such havoc yet leave seven milk bottles on a doorstep unscathed. ‘One marvels at the way vast panes of glass can just disappear and at the force that drives the splinters to destroy furniture in the gaping front of an antique store. ‘There is blood still on the pavement. It is a reminder above the clatter of the big clear-up that we are the lucky ones.

‘The idiocy of the Park Street bombers has taken its toll in many ways and the faces are grim of those with a devilish task of finding the clues that led to the culprits.’

The Rumble in the Jungle

On October 30, 1974, 32-year-old Muhammad Ali becomes the heavyweight champion of the world for the second time when he knocks out 25-year-old champ George Foreman in the eighth round of the “Rumble in the Jungle,” a match in Kinshasa, Zaire. Seven years before, Ali had lost his title when the government accused him of draft-dodging and the boxing commission took away his license. His victory in Zaire made him only the second dethroned champ in history to regain his belt.

The “Rumble in the Jungle” (named by promoter Don King, who’d initially tagged the bout “From the Slave Ship to the Championship!” until Zaire’s president caught wind of the idea and ordered all the posters burned) was Africa’s first heavyweight championship match. The government of the West African republic staged the event—its president, Mobutu Sese Seko, personally paid each of the fighters million simply for showing up—in hopes that it would draw the world’s attention to the country’s enormous beauty and vast reserves of natural resources. Ali agreed. “I wanted to establish a relationship between American blacks and Africans,” he wrote later. “The fight was about racial problems, Vietnam. All of that.” He added: “The Rumble in the Jungle was a fight that made the whole country more conscious.”

At 4:30 a.m. on October 30, 60,000 spectators gathered in the moonlight (organizers had timed the fight to overlap with prime time in the U.S.) at the outdoor Stade du 20 Mai to watch the fight. They were chanting “Ali, bomaye” (“Ali, kill him”). The ex-champ had been taunting Foreman for weeks, and the young boxer was eager to get going. When the bell rang, he began to pound Ali with his signature sledgehammer blows, but the older man simply backed himself up against the ropes and used his arms to block as many hits as he could. He was confident that he could wait Foreman out. (Ali’s trainer later called this strategy the “rope-a-dope,” because he was “a dope” for using it.)

By the fifth round, the youngster began to tire. His powerful punches became glances and taps. And in the eighth, like “a bee harassing a bear,” as one Times reporter wrote, Ali peeled himself off the ropes and unleashed a barrage of quick punches that seemed to bewilder the exhausted Foreman. A hard left and chopping right caused the champ’s weary legs to buckle, and he plopped down on the mat. The referee counted him out with just two seconds to go in the round.

Ali lost his title and regained it once more before retiring for good in 1981. Foreman, meanwhile, retired in 1977 but kept training, and in 1987 he became the oldest heavyweight champ in the history of boxing. Today, the affable Foreman is a minister and rancher in Texas and the father of five daughters and five sons, all named George. He’s also the spokesman for the incredibly popular line of George Foreman indoor grills.

News Headlines

India successfully detonates its first nuclear weapon on May 18th becoming the sixth nation to do so.

Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath’s decision to call a snap election in February 1974 backfired. His plea to the electors to "return a strong government with a firm mandate" was ignored as Britain was faced with its first hung parliament since 1929.

Although Labour won fewer votes than the Conservatives, the party took four more seats, 301 against 297. After four days of indecision that saw Heath unable to convince the Liberals to lend him their support he had no choice but to resign.

Labour leader Harold Wilson was back in Downing Street for the third time, but now he would have to deal with the fresh challenge of heading a minority administration which could fall at any time.

Heath was prime minister for three years and 259 days but it felt like a decade at least, packed with one crisis after another. Ted Heath yearned for business as usual, but these were not usual times. In late 1973, he reacted to the miners’ work-to-rule by declaring his fifth and final state of emergency, imposing a three-day week from 1 January. Noddy Holder and Slade tried to keep spirits up with their chart-topping chorus – "Here it is, merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun!" – but did anyone believe them?

1974 saw some of the most miserable events in recent British history

The 70s in Britain have become "synonymous with the colour brown", which is certainly how I recall them: Vesta instant curries, Watneys Red Barrel, faux-velvet wallpaper, fawn-coloured nylon sheets. Yet this was offset by a gaudy display of flashiness and spivvery: Jason King’s moustache, Roger Moore’s lapels, Noddy Holder’s trousers, Slater Walker’s gleeful asset-strippers.

The years between 1974 and 1979 saw some of the most miserable events in recent British history – the three-day week, the Winter of Discontent, the decline of Britain’s industries, its empire and its standing in the world. Taxes rose, inflation soared and instances of violent crime doubled; while everything else – including the strength of the pound, standards of living, consumer confidence, producer confidence and confidence in general – plummeted.

This was the decade when the innocent twinkling of disco and Abba gave way to the harsh nihilism of punk; when Dixon of Dock Green was replaced by The Sweeney; and when the flowering of the permissive society produced the fruits of rising rates of divorce, drug use, abortion and teenage pregnancy.

There were a million things to be depressed about in the mid-Seventies: football hooliganism, IRA bombing, the Yorkshire Ripper, racial tension, nationalism and radicalism, working-class resentment, middle-class resentment, upper-class resentment, the destruction of direct-grant grammar schools and the Brain Drain.

“If I were a younger man,” Jim Callaghan admitted to his Cabinet colleagues in November 1974, “I would emigrate.” Thousands did exactly that – not only pop stars and actors like David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Roger Moore, but also managers, doctors and engineers. Over the following three years, for the first time in recorded history, the population of Britain fell because so many people were fleeing what they regarded as a sinking ship.

1st McDonalds opens in London

In October 1974, to no great fanfare and met pretty much with initial indifference by the British public, the first McDonald’s outlet in the UK opened in the London Borough of Woolwich, though the company decided to have its British HQ in rather more upmarket Hampstead .

The joys of the Big Mac, (“Do you want fries with that?”) the thick vanilla milkshake and the Egg McMuffin were of course soon to become almost omnipresent in the British High Street, but the concept of fast food (or the then British version of it, not completely slow food) was far from new, with Wimpey for years previously serving their burgers to Brits eager for a taste of pseudo-America.

The Woolwich McDonald’s was a significant one for the company: not only was it invading the British market, but it was a landmark too in that this was the 3,000th restaurant opened by the chain worldwide.

To break Britain the company needed the power of cleverly targeted TV ads, putting over the idea of food as fun and McDonald’s as a colourful and unstuffy place to eat. Love them or loathe them McDonald’s was destined to conquer the British market.

Lord Lucan disappears

Belgravia, London The 7th of November 1974 – Drinkers in the Plumbers Arms on Lower Belgrave St were astonished, on the evening of 7th November 1974 to have their peace shattered by a blood stained woman screaming for help. She cried "Help me, help me, help me. I’ve just escaped from being murdered. He’s in the house. He’s murdered the Nanny!".

This was Lady Lucan and so one of the most mysterious episodes of the 1970’s was to explode. The nanny, Sandra Rivett, had indeed been killed in the basement and there was no sign of the aristocratic serial gambler. He had fled to Sussex to the home of his friends Ian and Susan Maxwell-Scott in an agitated state and with blood stains on his clothing. Claiming he had interrupted a man assaulting his wife he pleaded his innocence and said that he had panicked.

The Maxwell-Scotts begged him to go to the police but he refused and set off in the early hours stating that "he had to get back". His abandoned Ford Corsair was found on the beach at Newhaven and there has been no sign (though numerous ‘sightings’) ever since

1974 Timeline

January – Britain enters its first postwar recession after statistics show that the economy contracted during the third and fourth quarters of last year.

1 January – New Year’s Day was celebrated as a public holiday for the first time.

The Northern Ireland Power-sharing Executive was set up in Belfast.

1 January–7 March – The Three-Day Week was introduced by the Conservative Government as a measure to conserve electricity during the period of industrial action by coal miners.

4 February – M62 coach bombing: 12 people were killed when a bomb planted by the Provisional Irish Republican Army exploded on a coach on the M62 motorway in West Yorkshire. Eight of the dead were off-duty British Army soldiers, and two were children. 12 other people were seriously injured.

7 February – The Prime Minister, Edward Heath, called a General Election for 28 February in an attempt to end the dispute over the miners’ strike. During the campaign, the Labour Party and Trades Union Congress agree a ‘Social Contract’ intended to produce wage restraint.

Grenada became independent of the United Kingdom.

8 February – The M62 motorway bombing death toll reached 12 with the death in hospital of an 18-year-old soldier who had been seriously injured in the bombing.

12 February – BBC1 first aired the children’s television series Bagpuss, made by Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate’s Smallfilms in stop motion animation.

14 February – Bob Latchford, the Birmingham City centre forward, became Britain’s most expensive footballer in a £350,000 move to Everton.

Opinion polls show the Conservative government in the lead.

27 February – Enoch Powell, the controversial Conservative MP who was dismissed from the shadow cabinet in 1968 for his "Rivers of Blood" speech opposing mass immigration, announced his resignation from the party, in protest against Edward Heath’s decision to take Britain into the EEC.

28 February – The General Election resulted in the first hung parliament since 1929, with the Conservative government having 297 seats – four fewer than Labour, who have 301 – and the largest number of votes. Prime Minister Ted Heath hoped to form a coalition with the Liberal Party in order to remain in power.

4 March – Ted Heath failed to convince the Liberals to form a coalition and announced his resignation as Prime Minister, paving the way for Harold Wilson to become Prime Minister for the second time as Labour formed a minority government.

6 March – The miners’ strike came to an end due an improved pay offer by the new Labour government.

10 March – Ten miners died in a methane gas explosion at Golborne Colliery near Wigan, Lancashire.

11 March – Convicted armed robbers Kenneth Littlejohn and his brother Keith, who claimed to be British spies in the Republic of Ireland, escaped from Mountjoy Prison in Dublin.

15 March – Architect John Poulson was jailed for five years for corruption.

18 March – Oil embargo crisis: Most OPEC nations ended a 5 month oil embargo against the United States, Europe and Japan.

20 March – Ian Ball failed in his attempt to kidnap HRH Princess Anne and her husband Captain Mark Phillips in The Mall, outside Buckingham Palace.

29 March – The government re-established direct rule over Northern Ireland after declaring a state of emergency.

April – The Soviet car maker Lada, founded four years ago as a result of an enterprise by Italian automotive giant Fiat, began selling cars in the United Kingdom; its 1200 four-door saloon was based on the Fiat 124 and retailed for £999.

1 April – The Local Government Act 1972 came into effect in England and Wales, creating six new metropolitan counties and comprehensively redrawing the administrative map. Newport and Monmouthshire are legally transferred from England to Wales.

6 April – The 19th Eurovision Song Contest is staged at The Dome in Brighton. The winning Swedish group ABBA, go on to be the top-selling act of the decade.

24 April – Leeds United won their second Football League First Division title.

27 April – Manchester United were relegated from the Football League First Division where they have played continuously since 1938. Their relegation was confirmed when they lose 1-0 at home to their neighbours City in the penultimate game of the league season and the only goal of the game came from former United striker Denis Law.

1 May – Alf Ramsey, who guided England to World Cup glory in 1966, was dismissed by the Football Association after 11 years in charge.

2 May – The fascist far-right National Front gained more than 10% of the vote in several parts of London in council elections, but failed to net any councillors.

4 May – Liverpool won the FA Cup for the second time, beating Newcastle United 3-0 in the Wembley final, with Kevin Keegan scoring twice and Steve Heighway scoring the other goal.

6 May – Inauguration of full electric service on British Rail’s West Coast Main Line through to Glasgow.

7 May – Led Zeppelin announce their new record label, Swan Song Records, with a lavish party at The Four Seasons Hotel in New York.

17 May – The Loyalist paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force carried out the Dublin and Monaghan bombings in the Republic of Ireland.

28 May – Power-sharing in the Northern Ireland Assembly collapsed following a strike by unionists.

1 June – Flixborough disaster: An explosion at a chemical plant in Flixborough, South Humberside, killed 28 people.

8 June – Jon Pertwee left Doctor Who in the final episode of Planet of the Spiders citing the death of his close acting friend Roger Delgado (who played ‘The Master’) the previous year as the reason. He was replaced by Tom Baker.

15 June – The Red Lion Square disorders saw members of the fascist National Front clash with counter-protesters in London’s West End; 21-year-old Kevin Gateley, a university student, is killed.

17 June – A bomb exploded at the Houses of Parliament in London, damaging Westminster Hall. The Irish Republican Army claimed responsibility for planting the bomb.

24 June – The government admitted testing a nuclear weapon in the United States causing a rift in the Labour Party.

3 July – Don Revie, the manager of Football League champions Leeds United since 1961, accepted the Football Association’s £200,000-a-year deal to become the new England manager.

12 July – Bill Shankly, manager of FA Cup holders Liverpool, stunned the club by announcing his retirement after 15 years as manager. Shankly, 60, had arrived at Liverpool when they were in the Football League Second Division and transformed them into one of the world’s top club sides with three top division titles, two FA Cups and a UEFA Cup triumph.

17 July – A bomb planted by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) exploded in the White Tower at the Tower of London, killing one person and injuring 41. Another bomb exploded outside a government building in South London.

20 July – Leeds United appointed the Brighton & Hove Albion manager Brian Clough, formerly of Derby County as their new manager.

20 July – The first Knebworth Concert is held, headlined by The Allman Brothers Band.

21 July – 10,000 Greek-Cypriots protested in London against the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

26 July – Liverpool appointed 55-year-old first team coach Bob Paisley as their new manager.

15 August – Collapse of Court Line and its subsidiaries Clarksons and Horizon Holidays leaves 100,000 holidaymakers stranded abroad.

29 August – Thames Valley Police broke up the Windsor Free Festival.

12 September – Brian Clough was dismissed after less than two months as manager of Leeds United following a disappointing start to the Football League season.

23 September – Ceefax was started by the BBC – one of the first public service information systems.

30 September – With the year’s second General Election 10 days away, opinion polls showed Labour in the lead with Harold Wilson well placed to gain the overall majority that no party had achieved in the election held seven months earlier.

October – Five previously all-male Colleges of the University of Oxford admitted women undergraduates for the first time.

1 October – The Fast food chain McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Woolwich, London.

5 October – The Guildford pub bombings at The Horse and Groom and The Seven Stars killed five people.

10 October – The second general election of the year resulted in a narrow victory for Harold Wilson, giving Labour a majority of three seats. It was widely expected that Edward Heath’s leadership of the Conservative Party would soon be ended, as he had now lost three of the four general elections that he had contested in almost a decade as leader. The Scottish National Party secured its highest-ever Westminster party representation with 11 seats. Enoch Powell was elected to parliament in Northern Ireland for the Ulster Unionist Party. Powell, who was dismissed from the Tory shadow cabinet in April 1968 following his controversial Rivers of Blood speech on immigration, had left the Conservative Party at 28 February election and had recently rejected an offer to stand as a candidate for the National Front.

16 October – Rioting prisoners set fire to the Maze Prison in Belfast.

22 October – The Provisional IRA bombed Brooks’s club in London.

28 October – The wife and son of Sports Minister Denis Howell survived a provisional IRA bomb attack on their car.

2 November – George Harrison launches his "George Harrison & Friends North American Tour" in Vancouver. It’s Harrison’s first tour since the Beatles North American Tour of 1966.

4 November – Judith Ward was sentenced to life imprisonment for the M62 coach bombing.

7 November – Lord Lucan disappeared after the murder of his children’s nanny.

A provisional IRA bomb exploded at the Kings Arms, Woolwich.

11 November – The New Covent Garden Market in Nine Elms was opened.

21 November – Birmingham pub bombings: In Birmingham, two pubs were bombed, killing 21 people and injuring many others.

24 November – The Birmingham Six were charged with the Birmingham pub bombings.

25 November – Home Secretary Roy Jenkins announced the government’s intention to outlaw the IRA in the UK.

27 November – The Prevention of Terrorism Act was passed.

28 November – John Lennon joins Elton John on stage at Madison Square Garden for three songs. It would be Lennon’s last stage performance.

5 December – Party Political Broadcast, the final episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, was broadcast on BBC 2.

10 December – Friedrich Hayek shared the 1974 Nobel Prize in Economics with ideological rival Gunnar Myrdal "for their pioneering work in the theory of money and economic fluctuations and for their penetrating analysis of the interdependence of economic, social and institutional phenomena.".

Martin Ryle and Antony Hewish won the Nobel Prize in Physics "for their pioneering research in radio astrophysics: Ryle for his observations and inventions, in particular of the aperture synthesis technique, and Hewish for his decisive role in the discovery of pulsars".

12 December – Mick Taylor leaves The Rolling Stones after 6 years.

15 December – New speed limits were introduced on Britain’s roads in an attempt to save fuel at a time of Arab fuel embargoes following the Yom Kippur War.

18 December – The government paid £42,000 to families of victims of Bloody Sunday riots in Northern Ireland.

22 December – The London home of Conservative Party leader and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Edward Heath was bombed in a suspected provisional IRA attack. Mr Heath had been away from home when the bomb exploded, but returned just 10 minutes afterwards.

24 December – Former government minister John Stonehouse was found living in Australia having faked his own death. He was quickly arrested by Australian police, who initially believed that he was Lord Lucan.

Inflation soars to a 34-year high of 17.2%.

Last production in the UK of steel by the Bessemer process, at Workington.

China gives two Giant Pandas, Ching-Ching and Chia-Chia, to Britain.


1974 TV adverts

5 January – Tiswas starts as a local programme in the Midlands (on ATV), but the television show wasn’t fully automatically networked through ITV until 1979.

6 April – The 19th Eurovision Song Contest is held at the Dome in Brighton, produced and transmitted by the BBC. Katie Boyle hosts the event for the fourth time. Sweden wins the contest with the song "Waterloo", performed by ABBA, who become the first group to win the Contest. They go on to achieve huge international success.

8 June – Jon Pertwee makes his final regular appearance as the Third Doctor in the concluding moments of Part Six of the Doctor Who serial Planet of the Spiders. Tom Baker briefly appears as the Fourth Doctor at the conclusion of this serial.

5 August – For the first time on a pre-school children’s programme, the show Inigo Pipkin covers the death of the main character, Inigo, as the actor who played him (George Woodbridge) had died. The show is renamed Pipkins.

23 September – The BBC teletext service Ceefax goes live with 30 pages of information.

5 December – Party Political Broadcast, the final episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, is broadcast on BBC 2.

28 December – Tom Baker makes his first full appearance as the Fourth Doctor in the Doctor Who serial Robot.

ITV begins developing the ORACLE teletext service. Dates for its launch are unclear, but it became popular around 1980.


3 January – It Ain’t Half Hot Mum (1974–1981)
11 February – Bagpuss (1974)
9 May – Happy Ever After (1974–1978)
5 September – Porridge (1974–1977)
21 October – Roobarb (1974 BBC, 2005–2013 Channel 5)


4 January – Within These Walls (1974–1978)
5 January – Tiswas (1974–1982)
7 January – Wish You Were Here (1974–2003, 2008)
3 March – Not On Your Nellie (1974–1975)
5 March- Napoleon and Love (1974)
13 April – The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club (1974–1977)
3 May – My Old Man (1974–1975)
27 July – Don’t Drink the Water (1974–1975)
2 September – Rising Damp (1974–1978)
20 December – Churchill’s People (1974–1975)

Number Ones Singles

"Merry Xmas Everybody" – Slade
"You Won’t Find Another Fool Like Me"- The New Seekers
"Tiger Feet" – Mud4
"Devil Gate Drive" – Suzi Quatro
"Jealous Mind" – Alvin Stardust
"Billy Don’t Be a Hero" – Paper Lace
"Seasons in the Sun" – Terry Jacks
"Waterloo" – ABBA
"Sugar Baby Love" – The Rubettes
"The Streak" – Ray Stevens
"Always Yours" – Gary Glitter
"She" – Charles Aznavour
"Rock Your Baby" – George McCrae
"When Will I See You Again" – The Three Degrees
"Love Me for a Reason" – The Osmonds
"Kung Fu Fighting" – Carl Douglas
"Annie’s Song" – John Denver
"Sad Sweet Dreamer" – Sweet Sensation
"Everything I Own" – Ken Boothe
"Gonna Make You a Star" – David Essex
"You’re the First, the Last, My Everything" – Barry White
"Lonely This Christmas" – Mud


Tales from Topographic Oceans – Yes
Sladest – Slade
And I Love You So – Perry Como
The Singles: 1969-1973 – The Carpenters
Old, New, Borrowed and Blue – Slade
Journey to the Centre of the Earth – Rick Wakeman
The Singles: 1969-1973 – The Carpenters
Diamond Dogs: – David Bowie
Caribou: – Elton John
Band on the Run: – Paul McCartney & Wings
Hergest Ridge: – Mike Oldfield
Tubular Bells: – Mike Oldfield
Rollin’ – Bay City Rollers
Smiler – Rod Stewart
Greatest Hits: – Elton John

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Cool China Nickel Machined Portion Factory images

Some cool china nickel machined component factory photos:

A Bitcoin You Can Flip
china nickel machined part factory
Image by jurvetson
My son has become fascinated with bitcoins, and so I had to get him a tangible a single for Xmas (thanks Sim1!). The public essential is imprinted visibly on the tamper-evident holographic film, and the private important lies underneath.

I as well was fascinated by digital cash back in college, and far more specifically by the asymmetric mathematical transforms underlying public-crucial crypto and digital blind signatures.

I remembered a technical paper I wrote, but could not discover it. A desktop search revealed an essay that I completely forgot, anything that I had recovered from my archives of floppy discs (whilst I nonetheless could).

It is an article I wrote for the college newspaper in 1994. Ironically, Microsoft Word could not open this ancient Microsoft Word file format, but the totally free text editors could.

What a enjoyable time capsule, under, with some decision naivetés…

I am attempting to reconstruct what I was considering, and asking yourself if it makes any sense. I think I was arguing that a bulletproof framework for digital money (and what much better testing ground) could be utilized to secure a digital container for executable code on a rental basis. So the expression of an idea — the certain code, or runtime service — is locked in a secure container. The idea would be to prevent copying rather of punishing soon after the truth. Micro-currency and micro-code look like equivalent exercises in regulating the single use of an issued number.

Now that the Bitcoin experiment is underway, do you know of anybody writing about it as an alternative framework for intellectual house?

IP and Digital Money
Digital Cash and the “Intellectual Property” Oxymoron
By Steve Jurvetson

A lot of of us will quickly be working in the information solutions or technologies industries which are at present tangled in a bramble patch of intellectual house law. As the law struggles to discover coherency and an internally-constant logic for intellectual home (IP) protection, digital encryption technologies may offer a much better resolution — from the viewpoint of minimizing litigation, exploiting the inherent rewards of an info-based company model, and preserving a totally free economy of suggestions.
Bullet-proof digital money technology, which is now emerging, can provide a protected “cryptographic container” for intellectual expressions, thereby preserving traditional notions of intellectual house that safeguard specific instantiations of an idea rather than the idea itself. For instance, it seems affordable that Intuit should be able to shield against the widespread duplication of their Quicken software (the expression of an concept), but they ought to not be able to patent the underlying thought of single-entry bookkeeping. There are strong financial incentives for digital money to create and for those techniques to be adapted for IP protection — to generate a protected container or expression of an concept. The speedy march of information technologies has strained the evolution of IP law, but rather than patching the law, info technologies itself might give a far more coherent answer.

Info Wants To Be Cost-free
At present, IP law is enigmatic because it is expanding to a domain for which it was not initially intended. In establishing the U.S. Constitution, Thomas Jefferson argued that ideas must freely transverse the globe, and that ideas have been fundamentally diverse from material goods. He concluded that “Inventions then cannot, in nature, be a subject of home.” The troubles surrounding IP come into sharp focus as we shift to getting more of an info-primarily based economy.
The use of e-mail and nearby Television footage aids disseminate information around the globe and can be a force for democracy — as seen in the Television footage from Chechen, the use of modems in Prague for the duration of the Velvet Revolution, and the e-mail and Tv from Tianammen Square. Even Gorbachev utilized a video camera to show what was happening after he was kidnapped. What seems to be an inherent force for democracy runs into problems when it becomes the topic of home.
As larger-level programming languages turn out to be a lot more like natural languages, it will become increasingly tough to distinguish the concept from the code. Language precedes thought, as Jean-Louis Gassée is fond of saying, and our language is the framework for the formulation and expression of our tips. Restricting application will increasingly be indistinguishable from restricting freedom of speech.
An economy of suggestions and human attention depends on the continuous and free exchange of ideas. Due to the fact of the associative nature of memory processes, no thought is detached from others. This begs the query, is intellectual house an oxymoron?

Intellectual Home Law is a Patch
John Perry Barlow, former Grateful Dead lyricist and co-founder (with Mitch Kapor) of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, argues that “Intellectual property law can’t be patched, retrofitted or expanded to include digitized expression… Faith in law will not be an successful strategy for high-tech businesses. Law adapts by continuous increments and at a pace second only to geology. Technologies advances in lunging jerks. True-globe conditions will continue to change at a blinding pace, and the law will lag further behind, a lot more profoundly confused. This mismatch may prove not possible to overcome.”
From its origins in the Industrial Revolution where the invention of tools took on a new value, patent and copyright law has protected the physical conveyance of an notion, and not the idea itself. The physical expression is like a container for an concept. But with the emerging information superhighway, the “container” is becoming a lot more ethereal, and it is disappearing altogether. Whether or not it is e-mail nowadays, or the future goods of the Info Age, the “expressions” of suggestions will be voltage conditions darting about the net, extremely a lot like thoughts. The fleeting copy of an image in RAM is not extremely diverse that the fleeting image on the retina.
The digitization of all forms of information — from books to songs to images to multimedia — detaches info from the physical plane where IP law has usually found definition and precedent. Patents can not be granted for abstract tips or algorithms, however courts have not too long ago upheld the patentability of application as lengthy as it is operating a physical machine or causing a physical result. Copyright law is even much more of a patch. The U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 needs that operates be fixed in a durable medium, and where an concept and its expression are inseparable, the merger doctrine dictates that the expression can’t be copyrighted. E-mail is not currently copyrightable due to the fact it is not a reduction to tangible type. So of course, there is a proposal to amend these copyright provisions. In current rulings, Lotus won its case that Borland’s Quattro Pro spreadsheet copied components of Lotus 123’s appear and really feel, however Apple lost a similar case versus Microsoft and HP. As Professor Bagley points out in her new text, “It is tough to reconcile beneath the total idea and feel test the results in the Apple and Lotus situations.” Provided the inconsistencies and financial significance of these troubles, it is no surprise that swarms of lawyers are studying to practice in the IP arena.
Back in the early days of Microsoft, Bill Gates wrote an inflammatory “Open Letter to Hobbyists” in which he alleged that “most of you steal your software … and need to be kicked out of any club meeting you show up at.” He presented the financial argument that piracy prevents suitable profit streams and “prevents great application from being written.” Now we have Windows.
But seriously, if we continue to believe that the value of details is primarily based on scarcity, as it is with physical objects, we will continue to patch laws that are contrary to the nature of details, which in several circumstances increases in worth with distribution. Little, fast moving firms (like Netscape and Id) safeguard their suggestions by obtaining to the marketplace quicker than their larger competitors who base their protection on fear and litigation.
The patent workplace is woefully understaffed and unable to judge the nuances of application. Comptons was initially granted a patent that covered practically all multimedia technologies. When they attempted to collect royalties, Microsoft pushed the Patent Workplace to overturn the patent. In 1992, Software Advertising Corp received a patent for “displaying and integrating industrial ads with laptop software program.” That is like patenting the notion of a radio commercial. In 1993, a DEC engineer received a patent on just two lines of machine code generally used in object-oriented programming. CompuServe announced this month that they strategy to gather royalties on the broadly used GIF file format for images.
The Patent Workplace has issued effectively over 12,000 software program patents, and a programmer can unknowingly be in violation of any them. Microsoft had to spend 0MM to STAC in February 1994 for violating their patent on information compression. The penalties can be costly, but so can a patent search. Many of the software program patents don’t have the words “computer,” “software,” “program,” or “algorithm” in their abstracts. “Software patents turn each choice you make whilst writing a system into a legal danger,” says Richard Stallman, founder of the League for Programming Freedom. “They make writing a big plan like crossing a minefield. Every single step has a little possibility of stepping on a patent and blowing you up.” The really notion of seventeen years of patent protection in the rapidly moving application sector seems absurd. MS-DOS did not exist seventeen years ago.
IP law faces the additional wrinkle of jurisdictional problems. Where has an Net crime taken location? In the country or state in which the laptop server resides? Numerous nations do not have the exact same intellectual property laws as the U.S. Even within the U.S., the law can be challenging to enforce for example, a group of music publishers sued CompuServe for the digital distribution of copyrighted music. A complication is that CompuServe has no understanding of the activity because it happens in the flood of bits transferring in between its subscribers
The tension noticed in making digital copies revolves about the concern of house. But as opposed to the theft of material goods, copying does not deprive the owner of their possessions. With digital piracy, it is significantly less a clear ethical concern of theft, and far more an abstract notion that you are undermining the business model of an artist or software program developer. The distinction among ethics and laws typically revolves around their enforceability. Prior to copy machines, it was tough to make a book, and so it was obvious and visible if somebody was copying your function. In the digital age, copying is lightning fast and hard to detect. Given ethical ambiguity, convenience, and anonymity, it is no wonder we see a cultural shift with regard to digital ethics.

Piracy, Plagiarism and Pilfering
We copy music. We are seldom diligent with our footnotes. We wonder exactly where we’ve seen Strat-man’s PIE and the four slices before. We forward e-mail that may contain text from a copyrighted news publication. The SCBA estimates that 51% of satellite dishes have illegal descramblers. John Perry Barlow estimates that 90% of individual tough drives have some pirated computer software on them.
Or as final month’s Red Herring editorial points out, “this atmosphere of electronic piracy appears to have in turn spawned a freer attitude than ever toward great old-fashioned plagiarism.” Articles from significant publications and WSJ columns appear and circulate extensively on the Net. Laptop Photos magazine replicated a complete article on multimedia databases from New Media magazine, and then publicly apologized.
Music and voice samples are an increasingly widespread art kind, from two Reside Crew to Negativland to regional bands like Voice Farm and Consolidated. Peter Gabriel embraces the shift to repositioned content material “Traditionally, the artist has been the final arbiter of his operate. He delivered it and it stood on its own. In the interactive globe, artists will also be the suppliers of details and collage material, which people can either accept as is, or manipulate to develop their personal art. It’s element of the shift from ability-primarily based function to selection-making and editing perform.”
But many traditionalists resist the modify. Museums are hesitant to embrace digital art simply because it is impossible to distinguish the original from a copy according to a curator at the New Museum of Modern Art, “The art planet is scared to death of this stuff.” The Digital Audio Tape debate also illustrated the paranoia the music business 1st insisted that these DAT recorders had to purposely introduce static into the digital copies they produced, and then they settled for an embedded code that limited the quantity of successive copies that could be created from the a master supply.
For a healthier reaction, appear at the phenomenally profitable organization models of Mosaic/Netscape and Id Computer software, the twisted creator of Doom. Just as McAfee constructed a organization on shareware, Netscape and Id encourage widespread totally free distribution of their item. But after you want support from Netscape, or the higher levels of the Doom game, then you have to spend. For industries with sturdy demand-side economies of scale, such as Netscape web browsers or Protected-TCL intelligent agents, the creators have exploited the economies of information distribution. Software items are especially susceptible to growing returns with scale, as are networking goods and most of the info technologies industries.
However, the Application Publishers Association reports that 1993 worldwide losses to piracy of business application software program totaled .45 billion. They also estimated that 89% of computer software units in Korea had been counterfeit. And China has 29 factories, some state-owned, that press 75 million pirated CDs per year, largely for export. GATT will impose the U.S. notions of intellectual home on a world that sees the concern extremely differently.
Clearly there are robust financial incentives to defend intellectual home, and affordable arguments can be created for application patents and digital copyright, but the complexities of legal enforcement will be outrun and potentially obviated by the relatively fast developments of yet another technologies, digital cash and cryptography.

Digital Money and the IP Lock
Digital money is in some methods an extreme instance of digital “property” — given that it can’t be copied, it is possessed by one entity at a time, and it is static and non-perishable. If the methods for guarding against pilferage and piracy function in the domain of money, then they can be employed to “protect” other properties by getting embedded in them. If I wanted to copy-defend an “original” operate of digital art, digital money strategies be employed as the “container” to protect intellectual house in the old style. A bullet-proof digital cash scheme would inevitably be adapted by these who stand to acquire from the existing technique. Such as Bill Gates.
Several businesses are developing technologies for electronic commerce. On January 12, many Higher-Tech Club members attended the Cybermania conference on electronic commerce with the CEOs of Intuit, CyberCash, Enter Tv and The Lightspan Partnership. According to Scott Cook, CEO of Intuit, the motivations for digital money are anonymity and efficient little-transaction World wide web commerce. Anonymity preserves our privacy in the age of increasingly intrusive “database marketing” primarily based on credit card buy patterns and other personal info. Of course, it also has tax-evasion implications. For World wide web commerce, money is much more effective and less difficult to use than a credit card for little transactions.
“A lot of men and women will spend nickels on the Web,” says Dan Lynch of CyberCash. Banks will quickly exchange your present cash for cyber-tokens, or a “bag of bits” which you can commit freely on the Web. A competitor based in the Netherlands referred to as DigiCash has a Net web page with several articles on electronic cash and completely functional demo of their technologies. You can get some cost-free money from them and devote it at some of their allied vendors.
Digital money is a compelling technology. Wired magazine calls it the “killer application for electronic networks which will adjust the international economy.” Handling and fraud costs for the paper income system are developing as digital color copiers and ATMs proliferate. Donald Gleason, President of the Wise Card Enterprise unit of Electronic Payment Services argues that “Cash is a nightmare. It charges income handlers in the U.S. alone around billion a year to move the stuff… Bills and coinage will increasingly be replaced by some sort of electronic equivalent.” Even a Citibank VP, Sholom Rosen, agrees that “There are going to be winners and losers, but everyone is going to play.”
The digital cash schemes use a blind digital signature and a central repository to protect against piracy and privacy violations. On the privacy problem, the techniques utilised have been mathematically proven to be protected against privacy violations. The bank cannot trace how the cash is getting used or who is utilizing it. Embedded in these schemes are effective digital cryptography strategies which have lately been spread in the commercial domain (RSA Information Safety is a leader in this field and will be speaking to the High Tech Club on January 19).
To protect against piracy calls for some extra work. As quickly as I have a digital bill on my Mac difficult drive, I will want to make a copy, and I can. (A lot of organizations have busted their picks trying to copy protect files from hackers. It will never ever function.). The difference is that I can only devote the bill after. The copy is worthless. This is attainable because every bill has a exclusive encrypted identifier. In spending the bill, my pc checks with the centralized repository which verifies that my specific bill is nevertheless unspent. Once I spend it, it can’t be spent once more. As with a lot of electronic transactions today, the security of the system depends on the integrity of a centralized pc, or what Dan Lynch calls “the big database in the sky.”
One of the most crucial limitations of the digital money methods is that they are tethered to a transaction among at least 3 parties — a buyer, seller and central repository. So, to use such a scheme to protect intellectual home, would demand networked computers and “live” files that have to dial up and check in with the repository to be operational. There are several compelling applications for this, such as voter registration, voting tabulation, and the registration of digital artwork originals.
When I asked Dan Lynch about the use of his technology for intellectual house protection, he agreed that the bits that now represent a bill could be employed for any quantity of items, from health-related records to photographs. A digital photograph could hide a digital signature in its low-order bits, and it would be imperceptible to the user. But these bits could be utilized with a registry of correct image owners, and could be employed to prove misappropriation or sampling of the image by others.
Technology author Steven Levy has been researching cryptography for Wired magazine, and he responded to my e-mail questions with the reply “You are on the right track in considering that crypto can preserve IP. I know of a number of attempts to forward plans to do so.” Digital cash may supply a “crypto-container” to preserve conventional notions of intellectual property.
The transaction tether limits the short-term applicability of these schemes for application copy protection. They will not perform on an isolated computer. This undoubtedly would slow its adoption for mobile computers because the wireless networking infrastructure is so nascent. But with Windows ’95 bundling network connectivity, quickly most computer systems will be network-ready — at least for the Microsoft network. And now that Bill Gates is acquiring Intuit, as an alternative of dollar bills, we will have Bill dollars.
The transaction tether is also a logistical headache with existing slow networks, which may hinder its adoption for mass-marketplace applications. For example, if a person forwards a copyrighted e-mail, the recipient might have to have their laptop do the repository verify just before they could see the text of the e-mail. E-mail is slow sufficient right now, but in the near future, these strategies of verifying IP permissions and paying proper royalties in digital cash could be background processes on a preemptive multitasking laptop (Windows ’95 or Mac OS Method eight). The digital money schemes are constant with other trends in software distribution and improvement — particularly computer software rental and object-oriented “applets” with nested royalty payments. They are also consistent with the document-centric vision of Open Doc and OLE.
The user of the future would start functioning on their stationary. When it is clear they are undertaking some text entry, the word processor would be downloaded and rented for its present usage. Digital pennies would trickle back to the people who wrote or inspired the numerous portions of the core plan. As you use other software applets, such as a spell-checker, it would be downloaded as required. By renting applets, or potentially finer-grained software program objects, the licensing royalties would be automatically tabulated and exchanged, and application piracy would demand heroic efforts. Intellectual house would turn into precisely that — home in a industry economy, beneath lock by its “creator,” and Bill Gates’ 1975 lament over application piracy may now be addressed 20 years later.

——–end of paper———–

On additional reflection, I need to have been considering of executable code (where the runtime requires a cloud connect to authenticate) and not passive media. Verification has been a discomfort, but perhaps it is seamless in a net-solutions future. Cloud apps and digital money depend on it, so why not the code itself.

I don’t see it as particularly useful for still photos (but it could verify the official owner of any exclusive bundle of pixels, in the sense that you can &quotown&quot a sufficiently massive number, but not the essence of a work of art or derivative works). Frankly, I’m not positive about non-interactive content in common, like pure video playback. &quotFixing&quot computer software IP alone would be a huge enough accomplishment.

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Cool Stainless Steel Machining Parts Made In China images

Check out these stainless steel machining parts produced in china photos:

An Excerpt ~ ‘Beard Trimming Scissors are Nitroglycerin’
stainless steel machining parts made in china
Image by Viewminder
You know what else is weird?

The term ‘Duvet Cover.’

I only discovered about ‘Duvet’s’ when I got myself into a extended term mutually advantageous semi-monagamous partnership that was both emotionally and sexually satisfying to me and the woman that was my life partner.

A couple of life partners ago.

None of my genius buddies have a clue as to what a ‘duvet’ is.

I Really like women.

If I didn’t I would never commit so considerably time attempting to comprehend them and to so selflessly support them to recognize that the quest for ‘hot freaky’ can bring them and their man rewards and pleasures that they’ve never deemed.

Sharing ‘hot freaky’ can bring a man and a lady closer together than they’d ever thought.

Girls are the most lovely issues on earth.

They are soft and they smell great as well.

Personally I’m usually amazed at how very good that their hair smells.

They also have unique capabilities and they can create a spectacularly colour coordinated residence that really feels like it is full of warmth and adore and lots of throw pillows and organize it and run it as a dictatorship with a military like precision.

You can’t even organize the garage.

In short…

girls are every thing that you are not.

And you could never be no matter how challenging you attempted.

That is a single of the motives that you enjoy them and you happen to be willing to risk the explosive and painful soul crushing ramifications of relating to them in an intimate way.

Because they are in the end your companion in the quest for ‘hot freaky’ that has consumed most of your thoughts for your complete life, each sleeping and awake.

Why they put up with your shit is one more story completely.

She may possibly never be your ‘buddy’ but you have nevertheless got a handful of of these left that she doesn’t know about.

You can not do it with out them man.


Not your buddies… they will never get you anywhere close to the promised land.

At very best they’re a person that you go to to drink beers with soon after your progress towards your lifelong goal of entering the gates of ‘Shangri-freaky-la’ has been derailed by some stupid shit point you’ve stated to your lady at the worst possible time.

Simply because you have got a massive habit of performing that.

Females are totally important in the quest that will be the journey to the promised land.

Unless you like hairy guy ass.

And that is entirely your get in touch with.

You know I adore you and I’d assistance you even if that was your decision.

Or your genetics.

But after knowing you for as lengthy as I have you’re quite a lot hetero.

I imply…

you think possibly becoming gay would be easier than actualy getting to think about all of this shit… especially following one particular of your legendary and spectacular blowups resulting from your gahdawful ability to say the most stupid shit you possibly can to a lady at the most crucial time…

But you just can not decide all of the sudden that you are gay.

Or at least that’s what conventional wisdom dictates.

And just because you’ve come to adore and admire duvet covers does not mean you are gay.

Ask your therapist subsequent time.

The attractive 1 that you sit there and tell all about your obsession with ‘hot freaky’ and you secretly wonder if 1 day she’ll just crack, give in and take you up on your repeated subtle provides.

You would have in no way discovered duvet covers if a woman didn’t bring them into your life.

Until she showed you, you had no idea that you could really get a cover to shove your old dirty ink stained comforter in to and that it would appear like it really is brand new.

I just never realize whay individuals get in touch with them ‘duvet covers.’

I mean… a ‘duvet’ is a cover for your ugly ass comforter appropriate?

So what’s a ‘duvet cover?’

Either it is a redundant term…

or it is a cover for a cover.

Maybe I’m missing anything right here.

That’s some brilliance proper there… duvets… a product that had to be invented by a man… just simply because it hides your dirty nasty old thing and tends to make it look new… but better than the most skillful application of duct tape ever could… at the identical time offered a french name and embraced by women as their own due to the fact they go for things with french names… and forgotten about by guys simply because it was given that very same french name.

‘My girl’s coming more than tonight and my comforter appears like crap… I want a duvet cover swift.’

If you only had a clue as to where you could acquire one particular.

I gotta admit that at very first I thought when Snuggle Bums said that she necessary to go and choose up a ‘duvet’ that it was some sort of mysterious feminine hygene item that I had no business being aware of something about.

I began to get a little nervous and wonder why in the world she would possibly be telling me this.

I remember fearing that her subsequent move was going to be asking me to go to the retailer and choose 1 up for her.

It sounded suspiciously ‘french.’

So I was relieved when I found out what it truly was.

Girls think of some pretty cool stuff often.

Since they’re not considering of ‘hot freaky’ all of the time.

One particular of these days I am gonna come up with a list of the best ten inventions by ladies that would make single guy’s lives much more worth living.

But because I’m a guy I’m gonna put it off till a woman who loves me asks me over and over once again to do it.

And when she gives me an ultimatum I will make it a purpose.

Then I am gonna write that list on duct tape that I’ve fashioned into a piece of paper due to the fact I can’t discover the paper… but I knew that the duct tape was right in the garage where I left it last time I decided to try and repair some thing a couple of years ago.

Bedskirts would be on that list if I ever wrote it.

Proper on leading.

Has any single guy ever gone out and purchased a bedskirt?

What an remarkable invention those are!

It really is like a device that conceals all of the shit that you either throw under your bed or that just ends up there.

Like all of these socks you’ve been missing forever.

The kind of shit you normally only find right after your lease expires.

Like that stuff under your dresser when you move it.

Ladies just do that type of thing when they’re bored.

Hunting below furniture.

It need to be the female equivalent of fishing.

‘I consider I will pull some furniture out of its location and see what’s underneath it today’ they have to think ‘I never have something else to do… and the paint shop is closed on Sundays.’

That is how girls get their super powers of realizing exactly where everything is.

That and the fact that they really place it away.

But it is not just simply because men are slobs… even even though we certainly are… it’s effortless for females to put stuff away due to the fact they’re the ones who know where to place it.

Because they unilaterally determine exactly where stuff ought to go in the female dominated houshold.

Which is any household where a woman lives.

Even if a guy’s place some thing away you know he’s not outta the water.

He’s gotta place it in ‘the right place’ too.

You know she’s just attempting to provoke you when she says ‘Honey… did you put the adjustable wrench in the china cabinet?’

You keep in mind the very first time you took your chick to your crib?

You believed she was checkin’ out your CD collection and admiring your great taste in little identified independently created music?

Even though you had been workin’ out the details of your meticulously choreographed plan to show her your duvet cover…

She was really seeking at all of your prized individual possessions and hoping that 1 day the two of you would have a fairy tale wedding and a garage large sufficient for all of that shit to match into.

Guys just hide shit.

Specially from ladies.

It is in our genetic programming.

It’s so that we can cope with females.

The dilemma is that we hide it and we neglect exactly where we hid it and then we need to have to ask our girl… who then tells us that we’d know where it was if we really place it away in the proper spot.

The spot she determined that it should go.

With out telling us.

Or a lot more likely with us not remembering that she told us.

Of course… if she said to us ‘honey… I want to speak to you about your want for ‘hot freaky’ and those issues that you have been asking me to attempt undertaking… I know that ‘hot freaky’ is some thing that you feel about a lot and I want to be supportive towards you that way… and I would… I mean much more… if you place your beard scissors away in the basket that I’ve bought for all of your male grooming items that I’ve found the excellent spot for in the bathroom… and because I cannot relate to chopping that a lot hair off of my face every single day I wish you’d also be confident to clean every single last whisker off of the vanity following you happen to be carried out shaving… she may well see you commence to fade when you ask your self what a ‘vanity’ is since you shave at the sink… but she could snap you proper back if she turns to ‘hot freaky’ and says… ‘you know if you did that for me child I might be more inclined to truly believe about performing that twisted shit you happen to be often trying to get me to do under the duvet cover.’

When I look back on the conversation I don’t forget it something like this…

‘Hot freaky’… put beard trimming scissors away… ‘hot freaky’… cleaning up whiskers off sink will bring me closer to the promised land of ‘hot freaky’… women want to want ‘hot freaky’ as a lot as guys… just clean up right after your self and you are by default one step closer to ‘hot freaky.’

Beard trimming scissors are a funny point.

They are a ‘relationship flashpoint.’

Beard trimming scissors are ‘nitroglycerin.’

That’s because she will never ever use them.

She plucks her faint virtually invisible whiskers off of her face with tweezers.

And she usually puts them back in the initial help kit so you never ever even know they had been gone.

Because she does not want you to know that she has whiskers to pluck anyway.

And in the female mind the subsequent logical thing to do after seeing the tweezers left out would be to ask ‘what were you carrying out with the tweezers.’

She doesn’t want you to ask her that.

That’s why she puts them away.

SHE knows how to hide shit from you buddy.

Your male brain desires to leave the beard scissors proper subsequent to the faucet on the issue that she calls a ‘vanity.’

Because that’s where you’ll use them next.

And you hate seeking for shit.

Practically as a lot as asking her where it is.

Never ever ask your woman exactly where your beard trimming scissors are.

Ask her where she got that wonderful best… or exactly where she picked up these jeans that looked like their creation was inspired by her ass and her ass alone… or these extraordinary footwear.

Just never ever ask her exactly where your beard trimming scissors are.

You can get away scott cost-free asking where a lot of other stuff is if you do it correct and strategy it with a lot of thought and outstanding foresight…

specifically if you use romance or your consideration of her in your quest to locate your lost treasure…

‘Honey Child Sugar Sparkles… I was pondering that 1 day I would like to take you on a romantic camping trip and you know… I realized that I have no notion where I put the camping stove.’

But in no way ask her exactly where your beard trimming scissors are since you had been supposed to put them away you slob.

It is like telling her ‘Honey… you’re constantly cleaning up right after me… I just do not know how I could live without having you.’

You’d be about to get whatchoo deserve smart guy.

If you have some deep want to set the lobe off and be the beneficiary of a brutal smackdown… then you can ask exactly where your beard trimming scissors are.

They are the a single thing that you’re often leaving out that she knows she will never ever be guilty of employing.

If you have got children… particularly daughters… this is where they can truly mess items up for you.

I enjoy my daughters more than something in the globe.

And I will be the very first to admit that they’ve taught me so significantly about girls.

When they’re providing their pink glittery plastic pony its daily bubble bath in the sink they will positive as day spot those scissors.

And then they’ll decide that pony needs a haircut.

Because pony just realized that pony’s boyfriend doesn’t take anything in life seriously he in no way puts shit away and pony’s decided to dump that asshole because life would be so considerably greater without him and pony needs a new haircut to symbolize this turning point in pony’s life.

Knowing that cutting the hair of anything benefits in a long lecture by mom…

Princess’ll take your beautiful stainless steel beard trimming scissors to a more secret place to give pony a radical new hairstyle.

Meanwhile, you are safely at work without a clue as to the fact that the fuse has been lit.

You have gotta deal with this situation rather delicately.

It really is pretty significantly ‘two against one now.’

And that 4 occasions as a lot feminine energy as you have ever confirmed you can deal with.

The only thing you’ve ever established is that certainly a man can reside for a week consuming practically nothing but american cheese slices.

You need to get Princess Pony Hairstyles back on your side.

If your beard trimming scissors are not where you left them or in the basket in the bathroom closet your lady bought to organize your male grooming items…

you know the kid’s got them somewhere else.

And when you ask the kid she’s gonna visualize cutting ‘My Small Ponies’ hair and know that if she tells you where your beard trimming scissors are is like admitting that she’s been cutting said pony’s hair.

Even though she may only be five or six she’s currently so significantly smarter than that.

Bear in mind…

You happen to be still dealing with a woman… just a smaller sized version… who’s just like a typical woman except she’ll probably never ever fantacize about dousing you with gasoline whilst you sleep and burning you alive.

Since she’s your ‘Little Glitter Princess.’

And princess’ never do that.

Chicks who watch the Lifetime Network do.

But you gotta get these beard trimming scissors back.

You cannot just say ‘Princess… listen… my beard trimming scissors aren’t on the sink… and they are not in the basket that mommy purchased so lovingly for me to oraganize all of my male grooming items in… and that normally means that you have them… because you have been cutting ponys hair with them… and if you do not fork them over… I’ll be forced to ask your mom exactly where they are… and then she’ll blow her freakin’ lobe and I ain’t not only not gonna get a tiny of the ‘hot freaky’… the pursuit of which led to the birth of my Beautiful Small Princess… but there’s a likelihood that not finding these beard trimming scissors may possibly outcome in my life becoming a living hell for two weeks or so and we don’t want daddy to reside a life of misery and hell for two weeks now do we Sweet Glitter Pony Princess?’

Besides she currently knows that the ‘sink’ is that factor in the kitchen or the laundry area.

And that is not where she stole your beard trimming scissors from anyway.

She’s already studying you dad.

Probing you with her superior feminine thoughts…

identifying the weakness’ and the vulnerabilities of guys.

She appears to you to leave your beard trimming scissors on the vanity so she can keep in mind her deep nearly instinctive need to have to reduce stuff with them.

Like pony’s hair.

Or construction paper.

To make you stunning and touching greeting cards with.

You are not thinkin’ here man.

Simply because you’re quite very good at doing that.

Always ask oneself… everytime you happen to be seeking at a woman… even a mini version… ask your self what it is that they ‘want.’

It’s the only issue that matters really.

To them.

And consequently to you… the ‘modern sensitive man’ who is truly trying to recognize ‘them’ in order to coexist in peace and love and the quest for ‘freaky hot.’

Simply because in the end they are going to get what they want so you may possibly as nicely just identify it as soon as possible and capitulate you dufus.

And Princess desires one more pony… and some glitter… and some smelly markers.

That have glittery ink.

So she can draw ponies prancing around fairy tale castles overlooked by dominant all being aware of unicorns who symbolize the superiority of womanhood.

Work with her man.

Function with her.

It is the only way.

She can teach you a lot about girls.

Your tiny Princess wants to give daddy what he wants.

But daddy’s gotta don’t forget the genetics at function.

Since even at this point Princess’ small genetic deck is all stacked up against daddy.

You gotta do the proper point Daddy.

‘I’ll inform you what sweet little Princess Glitter Rainbow… I’m going to go up to my space and lay in bed and stare wide eyed at the ceiling and feel of the ramifications of asking mommy where my beard trimming scissors are… and when I do that I just want you to know that if you uncover my beard trimming scissors and return them to me with no letting mommy know that they have been ever out of my possession… I will not only not even ask you exactly where they have been when you found them… I will reward you for helping daddy out by acquiring you that purple plastic pony you’ve been truly wanting… with the long hair… the one that comes with the brush.’

This is exactly where your panicked ass just sold out the whole male race.

Yes… you are going to get your beard trimming scissors back… almost certainly inside 5 minutes… but now you have just reinforced in that girl that understanding where shit is gives her energy and dominion over the whole male species.

Simply because it gets her exactly what she wants.

That purple plastic pony with a hairbrush.

The a single mom would not get her.

Due to the fact you have currently bought her thirty of them and she keeps cutting all of their hair off.

Not to mention your beard scissors will be kidnapped and held for ransom time and time once again dude.

You should at least ‘try’ to uncover shit your self sometimes and not just ‘wonder’ where it might be.

That is why when I am missing anything I always start my search in the garage.

I actually appreciate tooling about in the garage seeking for stuff.

Every box and plastic bin I open is like a time capsule of my life.

Occasionally it brings me to tears… the nostalgia I find in there.

The emotions I get when I recognize… there he is… my ‘Talking Billy Bass!’

I usually loved that talking bass.

What a revolutionary invention.

He looked so true and satisfied when he sang that song.

‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ by Bobby McFerrin.

I am so amazed that the battery is even nevertheless very good following all these years.

And from the contents of the box… the newspaper packing and stuff… I can inform that he’s been buiried alive in there for almost seven years!

All my shit’s seemed to migrate to the garage gradually more than time.

I utilised to think a garage was a spot for putting a car away.

But that is only for single guys.

Small did we know that ‘garage’ is french for ‘a spot to dump all of a guys shit.’

‘Un lieu de jeter tout de merde d’un homme est dans le garage.’

You see that dipshit?

I got that appropriate from google translate.

I typed in ‘a place to put all of a man’s shit is the garage.’

Then I hit ‘translate’ and ‘to french.’

The word garage is in there.

Just like we say it.

Only the french say it differently.

With contempt.

Like they say every little thing.

While stomping out a cigarette on the floor.

In a cafe.

Before they demand more sturdy black coffee.

And an additional ‘kwaaaaaaasant.’

In a black and white film.

That you only took your woman to see so you could impress her.

So she’d tell her buddies all about it so you could secure their all crucial vote in the matter.

‘He’s remarkable and sensitive and he loves french cinema!’

Now she knows damn nicely that the only thing ‘french’ you like are french fries.

Back to ‘le garage’ you idiot… if I cannot uncover it in the garage, then and only then will I contemplate even going and asking her if she knows exactly where ‘it’ is… and we both know complete well that she knows exactly exactly where it is… and therefor threat blowing the lobe when she gets all more than my ass about it.

Due to the fact I’ve come to see this as the ‘third oldest lady trap’ that there is.

Asking your woman exactly where something is.

She knows exactly where that camping stove is.

She knew it from the day you left it on the counter in the kitchen hoping that she’d do the loving and supportive factor with some miracle solution she bought from gahd knows exactly where and clean it for you.

She did.

She cleaned it for your sorry ‘helpless in all issues domestic’ ass and she put it away in the garage where she has determined that it belongs.

And then she mentally photographed it sitting there on the counter in her otherwise dream kitchen.

Just to shop it in the lobe for use against you one day.

When you say the stupid point that you are destined to say that will set her off.

The cause you couldn’t find it in the garage is because she place it in the bag that it’s supposed to be stored in.

3 years later when you ask her if she knows exactly where it is the day ahead of you are supposed to go on a family members camping trip and incidentally the day after you went out till 3 in the morning with your buddies when she assumed that your understanding and supportive self would be accessible to aid her pack…

You ignorantly asked her ‘baby… have you seen the camping stove?’

Based on her volatility at the moment and her propensity to want to make your life miserable you may well get away with it.

But odds are, because you will be leaving tommorow you are in for it.

Particularly if you add ‘you know the one I left out on the counter for you to clean final time we went camping three years ago?’

You just did it again.

You should visualize that ‘plunger box’ with the large ‘T’ shaped handle that they use to set off dynamite with on cartoons.

You know the 1.

It’s in the garage.

Simply because your dumb guy brain just put both hands on that manage and pushed it down with every little thing you’ve got.

You’ve admitted to her that you have ‘a memory.’

And that’s gonna set her off a million techniques to Sunday you watch.

Due to the fact you been tryin’ to convince her that with all the pot you have smoked in college that she’s correct… you can’t bear in mind shit.’

She’s constantly identified you could don’t forget SOME issues… like the names of automobile parts or esoteric and rare, tiny recognized and utilised ‘species secific’ kinds of fishing gear… but not issues that matter to her…

like anniversaries and stuff…

She’s accepted your ‘memory problems’ at times and coped with it.

It really is gotten you out of fairly a couple of jambs in the previous.

But now the gig is up dude.

If she actually lets the primitive lobe come to dominate her in this moment… and why would not she… and she ‘visualizes’ that camping stove on the counter three years ago… right after recalling her ideal mental photograph of it that is been quietly tucked away in the lobe for all this time just waiting for you to set it off like some type of progressive slot machine in Las Vegas…

That is guaranteed to make her blow unless you took her to the ‘Valley of Love’ within’ the final twenty 4 hours.

And I hope to gahd for your sake that you did.

A recent ‘religious experience’ in the Valley of Love is the only factor that’ll save you right now.

Simply because havin’ the lobe erupt ahead of a extended road trip is the fucking extremely worst time you can set it off Asshole.

You are gonna be sittin’ in a vehicle in tight proximity to her for hours, pointing out historical landmark plaques and their interest and significance even though she says totally practically nothing and fiddles with the climate controls incessantly.

And pissed off females fiddle with the climate manage knobs and buttons in the car like nothing at all I’ve ever seen.

I know because I’ve noticed a lot of pissed off women try to micromanage the climate controls.

Talk about brutal.

Why cannot you just be freakin’ considerate for after in your miserable life?

If not of your girl, then maybe just every single other guy in the world?

Now your partnership junk is gonna be spillin’ all of its black death mojo vibes on innocent guys in towns hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

They didn’t ask for that.

Thanks a lot dickhead.

I’ve discovered some thing about girls that’s as close to a ‘universal truth’ as it comes.

Their ‘volatility’ grows to near epic and catastrophic proportions the closer that you get to departure for any trip for which ‘packing’ is required.

You have gotta be on your very best game proper before going on trip.

Screwing it all up on getaway is disasterous because you will not have work to shield you from the ramifications of being your guy self.

You have got to be on top of your game man.

Go the further mile and help your woman pack to the greatest extent of your capability.

And don’t do that issue where you fuck it up intentionally just to make sure that she never asks you to do it once again.

You genuinely want this to be a good trip don’t you?

Then do not fuck it all up idiot.

You have been warned.

Repeat: You HAVE been WARNED.

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