Molly’s Robot

A few nice plastic prototyping images I found:

Molly’s Robot
plastic prototyping
Image by splorp
Over the Christmas holidays, my daughter worked on this tethered robot project for her high school electronics technology class. They were supplied with a Ziploc® bag containing two low voltage DC motors, a handful of wooden and plastic wheels, a length of used telephone wire, and two pages of project criteria. Basically, they had to construct a device that could navigate an oval track under a user’s control.

As much as I wanted to dig right in and build this beast myself, I did the right “dad” thing and acted mainly as the technical advisor and salvage wrangler.

See the notes for information on the various components.

Makerbot Thingomatic and Cupcake
plastic prototyping
Image by bre pettis
Makerbot Thingomatic and Cupcake

(Post from rapid prototyping companies in china blog)


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