How the Wrist Watch Started – A Brief Historical Background

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How the Wrist Watch Started – A Brief Historical Background

Wrist watches are watches that have a strap or perhaps bracelet linked to them, which enable it to be worn on the wrist. While some wrist watches merely show time, much more advanced types can display the date, year, day of the week, month, temperature, as well as GPS location, wind strength or even heart rate.

The wrist watch has been invented in the 1900s and for a long period of time was used by females. A Brazilian aviator – Alberto Santos Dumont – requested Louis Cartier, a buddy of his, to create a watch that could allow him to check the time but allow use of both hands. Cartier created a prototype and named it the Santos watch. It continued sale in 1911 and also started to be very popular during World War I when troops used them while in trenches.

John Harwood conceived the self-winding system in 1923, and over the years the wrist watch started to be a status symbol instead of just a convenient method to check the time. Watches were bought not merely because of their precision as well as convenience, but also for their looks. Numerous types of watches are today sought as collectors’ items because of their looks, or even the accuracy with which they tell the time, often taking huge amounts of money at auctions.

Today, a wristwatch is not just a device to tell time, it has rather become a status icon. This is because with the increasing reputation of mobile phones and also pagers with small clocks, the wristwatch is just used like a fashion entity instead of being an object of functionality. Nowadays, expensive watch manufacturers include Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Tag Heuer, and Omega. Wealthy businesspersons as well as officials are observed commonly wearing one of these brands.

The design of the wrist watch has furthermore evolved through the years. From basic pocket watches attached to ribbons, the watch went from being circular in form to more irregular designs such as rectangular or oblong. The features of the wrist watch has likewise transformed through the years as it’s no more simply utilized to tell time. Athletes have special watches that could monitor everything from heart rate to the distance they’ve run, divers can use their watches to see the level of their dive and also wrist watches now tell everything from the date and day to the temperature.

A number of of the more well-known brands of wrist watches nowadays include Casio, and particularly their G Shock brand. Watches like G Shock include many of the favorite functions, like telling the date, day, and time, and also provide added benefits, such as withstanding shocks to the watches body. This makes them more durable and less likely to get damaged while in use. The G Shock Hybrid has a steel bracelet and is particularly not just shock resistant, but also waterproof up to 200 meters, which makes it a great watch for daily wear.

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