My residence workplace

Verify out these mobo furnishings images:

My property office
mobo furniture
Image by Paladin27
I’ve finally got the triple monitor resolution that I am satisfied with and of course my two laptops for VPN’ing into work.

Used a Nikon ten.5mm f2.8 fisheye lens with my D300 to take this photo of my residence office. Corrected the point of view with DxO. Because three pictures of my property workplace are still the most popular images in my photostream, I figured I may well as properly take an updated photo.

My most well-liked photo in my stream taken at the beginning of 2009:

Second most well-known and taken at the starting of 2008. Very same furniture but at my old apartment:

Mobo “bronco” – D. Sebel & Co, UK 1948-1955. Museum fuer Naturkunde, Berlin.
mobo furniture
Image by sludgegulper
Mobo metal rocking horse – it moves when a kid pedals it. (that is why it is in a glass case, I guess) A strange exhibit in a organic history museum – much more appropriate in a toy museum. Mobo also created pedal automobiles as nicely as children’s horses Sebel was a furniture manufacturer. See right here for history of D. Sebel &amp Co of Erith, Kent, England, 1947-1972

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