Check out these fast prototyping design and style pictures:

rapid prototyping design
Image by tantek

rapid prototyping design
Image by tantek

Rapid Prototyping in the FlashLab
rapid prototyping design
Image by JimTiffinJr
Photos from the Council on Innovation event at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School on October 23, 2015.

From the MVIFI website ( The Council on Innovation comprises about 20 members — specialists and visionaries in entrepreneurship, education, business, and community leadership. Named collectively as a league of advisors, the Council supplies insights and inspiration to Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation. The Council serves as a major spoke of Mount Vernon’s efforts to lead in practitioner analysis and style for K-12 education. As a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact, Mount Vernon believes inviting such point of view and partnership enhances the School’s capacity to develop learners who engage genuine-life challenges and contribute as powerful citizen leaders in a complicated and swiftly altering planet. The Council, inaugurated in 2013, focuses annually on a particular topic or theme — this year’s theme is Disruptive Curiosity.

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