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Verify out these fast prototyping design pictures:

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rapid prototyping design
Image by Yandle

Modell Roermond marketplace
rapid prototyping design
Image by Markus Kison
2005 // four models about 20 x 15 x ten cm each and every // acrylic, mirrors, antennas, projector, Computer, Net connection // live miniatures of distant places // for more information about this artwork see: www.markuskison.de/roermond/

Aalborg Workshop with illutron
rapid prototyping design
Image by geekphysical
illutron &amp GeekPhysical teamed up to bring an intense 3 day workshop to Aalborg University students. Day 1 was with Vanessa and introduced students to fast prototyping, studying from the industry, design in the real globe, design methods and introduction to Arduino. Day 2 and 3 have been get-dirty days with Dzl and illutron member Christian Liljedahl as they tore into scrap electronics, toys and other ‘junk’ to help students determine elements and their properties, and create intriguing projects that had been displayed for family, buddies, and the public in an exhibition the next day.

(Post from rapid prototyping companies in china blog)


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