Nice Fast Prototyping Design photos

Check out these fast prototyping design and style photos:

Vidio – Antonia Kühne
rapid prototyping design
Image by saschapohflepp

It really is accomplished!!
rapid prototyping design
Image by Ramones Karaoke
Even though I hate Facebook with all my soul, I had to pop over to check this out – the epic story of Fleur’s Dandelion seed art piece finally came to a productive conclusion, the heroes jointly vanquished the dragon (or anything) soon after an initial failure due to the insane fees of laser acrylic bubble etching, then a subsequent eight, 9, 10??? I lost count failures due to variations of opinion between Shapeways’ laser sintering process and my 3D styles.

But right here we are – carried out and dusted and one hundred% finished – yayyyy!!!!…

And to summarize – a piece of art that was not realizable due to expense became achievable due to 3D speedy prototyping. The piece consists of 21 custom 3D seed heads manufactured in laser-sintered nylon. A glimpse of the future, and how at times technology really can support art along. Even even though I could happily have bombed Shapeways’ offices at numerous points for the duration of this procedure, or failing that basically died due to frustration, I am now quite content they exist and offer the service they do.

So a large thank you to the Dutch purveyors of top quality, rapid 3D printing and laser sintering services to the masses!

Rapid Technology, LLC
rapid prototyping design
Image by hawaii
Going to with Russ Ogi of Rapid Technologies, a 3-D printing, prototyping, and design and style firm. After seeing the gear and some products in their Executive Centre office, we checked out an exhibit of more artistic pieces at Louis Pohl Gallery.

(Post from rapid prototyping companies in china blog)


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