My new Strobist kit container

Some cool prototype injection moulding pictures:

My new Strobist kit container
prototype injection moulding
Image by ttstam
Soon after adding up the dollar worth of all my lighting gear and obtaining out that it expenses much more than what I paid for my SLR physique and stroll-around lens, I decided that &quotcram every little thing into a little nylon pouch&quot is no longer an acceptable alternative.

I invested in a Pelican 1500 case. Constructed in my house-town of Torrance, CA – these instances are just about the toughest case you can buy. I routinely ship ,000 prototypes for my day job in them – those damn instances had been deployed to just about each and every former soviet republic, each country in the pacific rim, most of western Europe. They had collectively survived the shipping division of the US Navy, Russian customs, and TSA inspection monkeys. Unless I wanted to find myself flying on short notice to Siberia to repair a prototype … it really is becoming packed in a Pelican.

At 9 it’s not low-cost – but neither are the pocket wizards! And fairly honestly for how pricey PWs are, their constructed quality is absolutely sh*t. Sink marks on the injection molded case, crappy plastic with not enough internal ribbing… Anyway, this may be a bit overkill – I require to rig one more sling to clip to the locking latches and see how well it carries slung more than my shoulder with the rest of my equipment pack. But it sure is nice, with the fitted foam inserts, waterproof gasket, pressure equalization valves…

I am such a geek.

Galomb – Unboxing of desktop injection molder
prototype injection moulding
Image by Inventive Tools
Today our brand new desktop injection molder from Galomb arrived! We will quickly do some experiments to try to use 3D-printed molds from a Z Corporation ZPrinter with this marvelous and cute plastic injection machine!

Idag kom vår efterlängtade formsprutningsmaskin för skrivbordet! Den tillverkas av Galomb och vi kommer att använda den för att testa formprutning i plast direkt i gjutformer som skapats med Z Corporations ZPrinter 3D-printer.

(Post from rapid prototyping companies in china blog)


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