Medical researchers turn to three-D printing for fast prototypes

A few good speedy prototype printer images I located:

Medical researchers turn to 3-D printing for rapid prototypes
rapid prototype printer
Image by RDECOM
FORT DETRICK, Md. (July 22, 2014) — To speedily design, fabricate and provide prototypes of medical gear to the field, the U.S. Army is employing futuristic three-D printing technologies.

Mark Brown, chief of the Healthcare Prototype Development Laboratory, mentioned 3-D printers have enhanced each step of his team’s function.

&quot3-D printing speeds up the whole style approach. The turnaround time has come down considerably,&quot he stated. &quotA challenging problem we’ve had is communicating suggestions. This certainly fills in that gap by becoming capable to communicate concepts with our coworkers — biologists and chemists — so we can be on the exact same page in terms of solution improvement.&quot

The lab’s mission is to develop prototypes of field healthcare gear that are simple to operate, but functional. They need to also be compact, lightweight, transportable, ruggedized and simple to assemble with no tools.

Read much more:

rapid prototype printer
Image by saxarocks
The pieces came out of the printer like this.

(Post from rapid prototyping companies in china blog)


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