Get Best Fast Prototyping and Reverse Engineering Services in India

Get Greatest Speedy Prototyping and Reverse Engineering Solutions in India

HONGYI JIG is the company that uses each forward engineering and reverse engineering. This is the business that handles a variety of projects of different domain. HONGYI JIG is a organization that gives speedy prototyping in India. The distinct domains are:

*Healthcare Merchandise and Instruments – HONGYI JIG is the designer of the health-related instruments as well as goods. They have numerous customers who are getting satisfied with the good quality service.

*Commodity Products – HONGYI JIG is a business manufacturing all round commodity products in the market.

*Electronic and Electrical Goods – There are a variety of electronic and electrical products that are designed, and developed by the reverse engineering organization in India.

*Residence Appliances – HONGYI JIG has made and created different residence appliances. The home appliances that require higher finish technologies to be developed are manufactured by the business.

*Products of IT – They have created many items related to Data and Technology. They have ample number of customers to whom they are delivering items related to IT.

*Safety Merchandise – HONGYI JIG is a designer, developer and manufacturer of distinct safety goods like helmet buckles and connected accessories. They carry out the regular tests like Boll Test, load Test etc.

*Telecommunications – When it comes to telecommunication HONGYI JIG holds a strong base. This is simply because they have the comprehensive set up from designing to manufacture of dish antennas.

*Automotive Components – HONGYI JIG has created and made head light, front grill, door locks etc for automotives.

*Automotive Switches – The company has a group of experts who experience in designing and creating of switches for motor bikes.

*Automotive Lights – The first project that HONGYI JIG handled was with regards to manufacturing side indicator for vehicles. The project was on reverse engineering, tool manufacturing supervision, and tool style. Being a Reverse Engineering Company in India, HONGYI JIG has gained excellent expertise in handling projects.

The different fast prototyping solutions in India by HONGYI JIG are:

*Machined Plastic – HONGYI JIG provide the industrial product style in India in type of machined plastic. Usually, with CNC mills they create metals like aluminum or steel.

*Urethane Casting – This a frequent technique followed by the engineers of HONGYI JIG. Urethane Casting is a approach for molding parts and is an economical method as effectively.

*Selective Sintering with Laser (SLS) – This is a bit pricey technique but it is extensively utilized on glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal.

*Stereolithography (SLA) – This strategy is counted among the oldest techniques of fast prototyping and a well-known strategy as nicely.

*3D Printing – This strategy is a new approach and it is simply reasonably priced. This method is most successful on photopolymers and plastics.

HONGYI JIG becoming headquartered at Hong Kong makes use of the China Sourcing in advertising their services. HONGYI JIG has a set up of all the services that are needed by the different organizations in India and other components of the world.

Hongyijig: Leading tool manufacturing, prototyping business in India, reverse engineering, fast prototyping, solution designer in India. This is a Fast Technologies Co. Restricted is a Hong Kong based organization that also supplies industrial style, tool design, mold manufacturing and solution innovation services.

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