Oculus “Quill” Turns VR Painting Into Overall performance Art

Oculus “Quill” Turns VR Painting Into Functionality Art
Art doesn&#39t have to be an end product. Thanks to Oculus&#39 new internal creation tool, Quill, illustrators can draw in virtual reality and let audiences see their creations come to life stroke by stroke about them. Quill performs considerably like Tilt Brush, the …
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Why founding a startup in your 40s beats carrying out it earlier
I had a startup thought with a buddy for a &#39Google Docs for design and style and prototyping.&#39 I was operating at a bank carrying out consultancy making use of Adobe Fireworks at the time and Adobe announced they wouldn&#39t be updating it anymore. We thought about what the ultimate&nbsp…
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Will Xilinx Join the M&ampA Celebration?
SAN FRANCISCO—Could marketplace-major programmable logic vendor Xilinx Inc. be positioning itself as an acquisition target? On Wednesday (Jan. 20), Xilinx produced a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission amending its agreements with&nbsp…
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News &amp Analysis 3D XPoint Methods Into the Light
HALF MOON BAY, Calif.—As 3D XPoint memory chips move out of analysis and into the fab, an IM Flash executive gave far more information about the novel memory technology, its road map and how hard it is to make. Intel and Micron announced in July they had&nbsp…
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(Post from China rapid prototyping manufacturer blog)


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