What road designers have in mind for driverless vehicles

Esri hackathon in progress!
fast prototyping
Image by caseorganic

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joshhighland: Jim looks like a coach

caseorganic: @joshhighland Yeah! Hackathon coach FTW!

alpascual: Ah! Preserve obtaining sidetrack. Subsequent hackathon wants to happen far away from Redlands

caseorganic: @alpascual Two apps will come out of this group, plus a mobile framework for quickly prototyping, and a lot more!

nixtanyc: There is not enough @jimbarryyo in this thread!

What road designers have in thoughts for driverless cars
There has so far been no prototyping or proof-of-concept. … “We have usually thought that India and China would be amongst the country&#39s most interested due to the fact they have to move individuals in droves and are establishing rapidly with issues of emissions.
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3D Scanning Market Led by Growing Demand For Speedy Prototyping Devices Set to
The 3D scanning market estimated to develop to $ 11.14 Billion by 2020 as expanding usage in education and consumer merchandise propels the market. The report 3D Scanning Industry Analysis: By Technologies (Laser Scanner, Machine Vision, Coordinate Measuring&nbsp…
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