Good Prototype Machine Shop pictures

A handful of good prototype machine shop photos I located:

Open hardware summit/maker faire swag scrapbook
prototype machine shop
Image by rachelyra
Hover over the image to verify out some notes! This is a fraction of the stuff that i got from these two great events i went to in New York, presenting the most current Pants Interface prototype. I was traveling light so i gave away a lot of the coffee mugs, pens, etc that I got. The Open Hardware Summit was super inspiring this year, just like final year, and it was genuinely great to present a prototype to peers and interested geniuses.

STAR PXL Upgrade detector
prototype machine shop
Image by Berkeley Lab
Eric Anderssen – 77 presicion measurements shop. STAR PXL Upgrade detector. Television holography distortion measurement machine measuring the mechanical distortion made by heating in a STAR pixel sector mechanical prototype.

credit: Lawrence Berkeley Nat’l Lab – Roy Kaltschmidt, photographer


(Post from rapid prototyping companies in china blog)


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