Lastest Prototype Maker China News

voxeljet Wins Coveted &#39Component of the Year&#39 Award for 3D Printed Wheel
Voxeljet has been experiencing a main growth trend lately, continuing to move up, onward, and all over the globe, and we&#39ve been following as earnings have continued on a constructive note, along with thrilling expansion into new places like China. The …
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Hong Kong&#39s MakerBay: a spot for inventors to pool suggestions and discover from each
We ordered far more parts from Taobao next day and in 48 hours we had the prototype.” The maker movement, which …. In the countryside or farm communities in remote China, makers could be used as a hub to change villagers&#39 life. It will change villagers …
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Uganda: Gearing for Ugandan-Created Motor Vehicles
So far, we have completed two autos -electric and hybrid, and we are now making a third one (a solar-powered bus). Producing vehicles is some thing … Presently, South Africa, the leading vehicle producer in Africa, is making slightly more than 500,000 …
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India and Russia Fail to Resolve Dispute More than Fifth Generation Fighter Jet
Last month, Russia tried to salvage the joint project by creating India an supply to reduce down its monetary contribution from 6 to $ 3.7 billion for 3 PAK FA T-50 prototypes and technologies transfers, The Indian Express reported. “Now that they currently …
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(Post from China rapid prototyping manufacturer blog)


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