Lastest Quick Prototyping News

The Fantasy-Like Hyperloop Inches Closer to Reality
The Hyperloop, proposed by serial entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2013 as a radical, high-speed transportation concept, could no longer be the stuff of science fiction as it inches closer to becoming a working prototype. Initially an alternative to California …
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CNO Richardson Urges Quickly-Track For Cyber, EW &amp Drones
“A lot of those electromagnetic kinds of payloads in particular, as we move into this information age with vigor will be other candidates for this kind of rapid acquisition, rapid prototyping.” In his speech earlier this morning to the US Naval …
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3D Printed Components: A Big Win For Industrial Maintenance
If a element repeatedly breaks, a 3D printing specialist can digitally reverse engineer and strengthen the element without the steep costs of prototyping and new manufacturing. Third, 3D printers can generate new components in a matter of days or less if …
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