VIDA SUNDAY: Mission inventor receives $10000 from famed entrepreneur

VIDA SUNDAY: Mission inventor receives 000 from famed entrepreneur
“Every time the mold closes, it&#39s injecting that material in at a stress of about 3,000 pounds per square inch,” said operations director at Emu Plastics, Cliff Mahathey. “The clamp force essential to hold the mold closed is 150 tons.” The leftover …
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Submarine drones are producing a splash in 3D printing
Blue Robotics are a nicely established organization primarily based in Southern California providing underwater drones for which there are many possible applications. The organization wanted to develop a little GPS-guided solar-powered boat and send it from Los Angeles to&nbsp…
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3D printers prototype winding physique for MRI scanner
“Only when we are certain that no much more modifications are necessary do we produce the expensive injection mold,” stated Rene Schneider, project leader. “Up to that time, we do almost everything with 3D printing. Any faults or adjustments required by the buyer are …
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(Post from rapid prototyping companies in china blog)


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