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Astoria Scum River Bridge
rapid prototype cost
Image by jasoneppink
For far more than twenty years, a leaky pipe on 33rd Street beneath the Hell Gate Bridge viaduct strategy submerged far more than a hundred square feet of heavily-trafficked sidewalk beneath a festering cesspool of standing water. Astoria Scum River, as it was named, stretched the complete width of the sidewalk, and as winter approached, the river iced over and became particularly hazardous to cross.

Astoria Scum River Bridge was constructed to offer Astorians an opportunity to safely cross this hazard. The unauthorized bridge was a present to the pedestrians of Astoria in the absence of productive municipal efforts to ameliorate the issue.

The bridge was created at zero price completely from recycled supplies: an old operate bench found on the curb, rescued screws from a disassembled desk, and a metal plate from an expired electrical element. It was installed and committed on December 30th, 2009.

On January 25th, 2010, Astoria Scum River Bridge was the topic of a commendation from the workplace of NYC Council Member Peter F. Vallone, Jr., accompanied by a pledge to work with Amtrak to re-route Astoria Scum River off the sidewalk.

Two days later, Amtrak workers began building operate. Astoria Scum River was speedily routed off the sidewalk, and inside a couple months, custom-made grates had been installed to full the project. The bridge, no longer needed, was de-installed on March 20th, 2010 and returned to the curb whence it came.

Astoria Scum River Bridge is an unauthorized city improvement by Jason Eppink and Posterchild.

(Post from China rapid prototyping manufacturer blog)


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