Good Speedy Prototyping Strategies photographs

Some cool fast prototyping methods photos:

Aalborg Workshop with illutron
rapid prototyping methods
Image by geekphysical
illutron &amp GeekPhysical teamed up to bring an intense 3 day workshop to Aalborg University students. Day 1 was with Vanessa and introduced students to rapid prototyping, learning from the market, design and style in the true planet, design and style strategies and introduction to Arduino. Day 2 and three were get-dirty days with Dzl and illutron member Christian Liljedahl as they tore into scrap electronics, toys and other ‘junk’ to aid students identify elements and their properties, and generate intriguing projects that have been displayed for household, close friends, and the public in an exhibition the subsequent day.

AIARG2015 Conference
rapid prototyping methods
Image by
The “barn raising” carried out in Amish communities in USA or the social housing initiatives promoted by Lewisham Council in London in the course of the 80’s are good examples of how collective self-build can be a strong social mechanism for strengthening communities.

Fab Lab Limerick from the School of Architecture at UL in collaboration with the Spanish design agency is researching about the prospective of digital fabrication and open supply methodologies to generate low-price construction systems. These systems are adequate for distributed manufacturing techniques and can be utilised by the communities to self-construct temporary collective spaces. By performing so, the building method presented in this paper not only supplies a pragmatic resolution while a a lot more permanent collective space is pursued, but it also turn out to be a beneficial instrument for social engagement and collective perform.

The last iteration of this analysis is a geodesic dome building method primarily based on low expense materials and digital fabrication manufacturing. The style provides a wonderful resistance to wind and snow loads and can span up to 14 meters using extremely small and light components. The system consists in a continuous tension, discontinuous compression structure of cardboard tubes connected by CNC cut plywood hubs which have been created in a rapidly iterative design process utilizing laser cutting.

We believe that complete-scale structural systems utilizing domestic digital fabrication for each rapid prototyping and manufacturing can open up innovation in building technology to communities all around the planet.

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