Sector Group Forms to Standardize Container Technologies

Business Group Forms to Standardize Container Technology
Software program containerization is about to get some order and standardization under the path of a new sector consortium known as the Open Container Project. The revolutionary technologies, pioneered and mostly driven by Docker Inc., has been …
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App Demand Forces Firms to Outside Devs
Meanwhile, development tool maker Kony Inc., which commissioned the 451 Investigation survey, yesterday mentioned, &quotIT departments are ill-equipped to meet the demand for mobile apps due to price range and resourcing limitations, skills gap, legacy infrastructure …
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Nordson EFD Introduces xQR41 MicroDot Needle Valve with Smaller Type
Weighing only 141.four g (five. oz), the xQR41 valve reduces the tooling payload. This not only means quicker actuator arm movement and enhanced positioning stability, but also reduced tabletop automation (TTA) motor and belt put on. The xQR41&#39s modest form&nbsp…
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(Post from China rapid prototyping blog)

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