New Less expensive Prosthetic Hand &#39Printed&#39 in Bloem

New More affordable Prosthetic Hand &#39Printed&#39 in Bloem
A &quotsacrificial portion&quot is &quotgrown&quot in polystyrene, utilizing sophisticated 3D printing technology. This element is covered with a ceramic slurry. The polystyrene piece is then melted away, leaving a cavity in the ceramic which is completely suited for pouring a range …
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Ampo Foundry Gives High-added-value Valve, Pump &amp Energy Generation
The new SCC (Shaped Centrifugal Castings) technologies enables components such as valve bodies and adaptors to be obtained by means of a centrifugal method, which improves overall performance by 70-80% resulting in far more competitive rates. In addition to the&nbsp…
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Low-cost prosthetic hand 3D printed in South Africa
Award-winning academic and mechanical engineer Dr George Vicatos and his Master&#39s student at the University of Cape Town, Severin Tenim, developed the hand and sent the plans to the Centre for Speedy Prototyping and Manufacturing at the Central …
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(Post from China rapid prototyping blog)


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